Back in 2015, when I was putting together this book, I wrote a letter to Ronnie Corbett telling him of Boone’s store in Poole and how it was so similar to his iconic Two Ronnies ‘Four Candles’ sketch. Cheekily, I asked for a quote for the back of the book. In the envelope, I attached a copy of the draft manuscript complete with selected photographs of the store. 

Seven months later and I hadn’t heard anything. My enthusiasm to keep researching the shop was waning. On a cold October morning, my self-addressed envelope landed on my doormat, somewhat dishevelled and dog-eared. Sure enough, he had replied, but surprisingly, no letter was inside. Instead, my original manuscript was returned with his scribblings covering every page; ‘Four candles?? Have you no fork ‘andles?’. To my delight, he’d also enclosed a signed photograph of the Two Ronnies in the very scene. I was thrilled. My thanks go to Corbett, a much missed national treasure, who spurred me on to finish this book and inspired its title.